Message From The Chairman

Dr. Kamal Saini (IPS)
LL.M., Ph.D, IGP (Retd.)

Stephens International Public School draws inspiration from the vision and courage of Smt. and Sh. Subhash Saini. The school is more of a living tribute to our elders than a concrete structure. We owe its success to the indomitable spirit, strength and faith of the local community here near the Indo-Pak border at Suchetgarh sector. Stephens International is one humble step in expressing our gratitude to them and giving them back what they need the most – a real and holistic education. Since its inception in 2006, Stephens has been assiduously doing its bit in shaping a better world.
We encourage bold thinking, curiosity and initiative and train our children to challenge the status quo and pursue perfection in all aspects of academic and social life. Stephens employs a blend of the wisdom of local traditions and state of the art in teaching methodology and techniques while bringing the world’s best resources to our students. The endeavours of our teachers have placed us at the forefront of learning and engagement. The outstanding performance of our students in various academic and co-curricular activities is proof that their grooming at Stephens is second to none. Their satisfaction and their potential strengthen our resolve to continue to make a lasting and positive difference in their lives.

Message From The Director

Mrs. Satvinder Saini

I see Stephens International Public School as a mould in which we imbue the young, tender and impressionable minds with intellectual, creative, social, civic, aesthetic and professional skills. Here we work tirelessly on the raw and shapeless young personalities and turn them into fine young men and women of rigorous discipline, impeccable character and formidable academic prowess. In order to uphold the holistic nature of the education being imparted at Stephens, we make sure that the students are exposed to regular co-scholastic activities covering sports, cultural events, debate competitions, art and craft exhibitions as well as study tours. Being a British Council accredited ISA school, Stephens regularly enters into national as well as international collaborations to sensitize the students about issues of local as well as global significance. It is very encouraging to watch children become knowledgeable and articulate under the mentorship of our teachers and in the stimulating atmosphere of our school. Seeing our alumni hold positions of responsibility and respect in civil administration, defence services and corporate sector inspire us to continue to provide quality education to our students.

Message From The Principal

Mrs. Rama Jamwal

On behalf of everyone at Stephens International Public School, Jammu I welcome you to the SIPS website, a school that we as a staff, students, and SIPS community share a strong sense of responsibility and pride for.

Thank you for considering us for your child's learning, growing and becoming. We offer enhanced opportunities for our Nursery, LKG-UKG, Middle and Secondary students to explore and transform in a challenging learning environment supported with the technology-driven integrated curriculum.

There has been a fundamental change in teaching- learning approach over the years when learning becomes broad -based and deep, attitude, behaviour, apart from acquiring knowledge, skills, and capabilities. A holistic, meaningful learning has taken its place over the rote learning, where knowledge and skills are used in integrated ways. This makes the classroom learning experience successful one; also boost their confidence and promotes for self-learning and participatory learning.

Stephens International Public School, Jammu strives to provide rich and meaningful learning experiences in support of the curriculum and extra -curricular areas. Our focus is on enabling the students to realise their holistic potential within the process of learning by providing a conducive fearless and stress- free learning experience where learning is cooperative, creative and a joyful experience.

With trained and experienced staff members, we shoulder our responsibility to help children live their dreams by inculcating good moral values together with modern education under disciplined environment. The blend of advanced technology with information technology is an integral part of teaching learning process to make it more effective, interactive and interesting. The school is committed to promote English as a foreign language with all its essential components to build up the language confidence in our children.

We always try to inculcate values like self-discipline, patience, forgiveness, honesty, care, and tolerance. We believe in developing a 'school culture' where a child is being nurtured with these values.

I request all parents to cooperate wholeheartedly as the school always appreciates your support & valuable suggestions so that the students can be guided along the right path at all times. We shall seek your active co-operation in the development of the children as they are an asset to the institution, let us walk hand in hand on a voluminous journey of transformation. So we invite you to visit us for a fair judgement. It would be our pleasure to welcome you.

Best Regards,