Educating The Tiny Minds

Adding Colours To Child's Dream

Making Education More Creative

Sowing Seeds Of Knowledge

Learning Life With Care & Love


Quality Teachers

The teaching tools used are pretty decent and involving.


Best Curriculum

A unique international curriculum that blends kindergarten activities.


Learning & Fun

We nurture imagination in a joyful learning environment.


Dr. Aparna Kids Kingdom

Dr. Aparna Kids Kingdom was started in the fond memory of Dr. Aparna Saini whose life as daughter was so short and ambitions as a doctor so great! She worked relentlessly to heal those suffering from different ailments and thought incessantly about the enlightenment and empowerment of the youth.

The indefatigable person that she was is no more but the life force she left with us as since remained our guiding beacon.

We dedicated all the undertakings of this trust to the one who we owe - Dr. Aparna Saini.

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Our school follow a unique international curriculum that blends the principles of study to our independent kindergarten program.

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