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"Till the memories evanesce and the life departs, you will remain enshrined in our hearts. Memories are the treasures trove nobody can purloin and segregation is the wound which nobody can heal. The fruit of your hard and honest labour yields sweet savoury when peeled, we felt your absence with tearful eyes in every field."

SIPS has evolved in its journey striving always to fulfil the vision of its Founder, to provide holistic education to the youth, to make them responsible and worthy citizens of our country.

Spread over acres in the outskirts of Jammu, SIPS offers all the amenities for the 21st Century learning such as laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Phonetic, Art Studio and Computer facilities, Music and Dance rooms, Audio Visual room, teaching aids for effective learning, large fields for play. Activities which enhance the qualities of spirit and the body are important to us as academic learning. School education here is not limited only to book learning, the school has always encouraged sports and games and is in the process of producing successful sports persons. It is affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi, which conducts Class X and XII Board Examinations. SIPS has truly blended global education with strong local roots. The students learn to think globally while upholding their own rich cultural heritage. Stephens International Public School was started with a mission to fulfill the dream of Late Sh. Subhash Saini to provide quality service and render glorious service to the people of the border state. With sheer devotion, he worked for the under privileged and down trodden section of the society.


A sacred cause can never be exposed without the blessings of pious souls. SIPS is highly indebted to the eternal soul of Late Dr. Aparna Saini who kindled the spirit within us to work for the enlightenment of the fledgling youngsters enabling them to be the beacon of lights in this competitive world. It is time for us to salute the wisdom, vision and compassion of the noble soul and rededicate ourselves to do our bit in lightning the lamp of knowledge.

Our Vision

At the heart of this vision of our Founder, lies compassion and the spirit to give. From its inception, SIPS has provided education to the foundationers especially children of the border state The school aims to build children who lead with integrity, compassion and overall a vibrant, pulsating community who strive for the highest standards

Our Mission

To provide a convivial milieu for future -oriented, holistic education, anchored in a rigorous bilingual academic programme, for children of different parts of the country. We implant the consequential seeds of cognizance and prune our students to be creative thinkers and independent perennial learners imbued with sound moral values making everyone active, assiduous, responsible, sportive, daring and adventurous, capable of meeting the challenges in future life.

Dr. Aparna Kids Kingdom, a sister concern of Stephens International Public School has been established under the aegis of the newly founded "Dr. Aparna Educational Trust". The Chairperson believes, "The real education consists in drawing "THE BEST out of yourself", and that is what we aim to do at Dr. Aparna Kids Kingdom. We don’t test or rank the children to make them aware of their faults and weaknesses. Instead, we help them to identify their potentiality and create happy learners by implementing the Head, Heart and Hand philosophy. When children experience this kind of ambience, it is no longer merely a school but for them but certainly a NURTURING PLAY HOUSE- Dr. Aparna Kids kingdom.

At kids Kingdom, we use best from Tagore (drama and nature), Montessori (learn independently), Vygotsky (let the child use mind tools like questioning, logic), Glue Doman (sight reading that will enhance spelling and writing skills). When children are taught like in this fashion, namely Reading, Writing and Number work occur naturally and need not to force anything, leading to a lifelong stress. Anything that is stressful for children is not part of Kids kingdom, the way we interact with them, the way we help them to communicate, the way we let them expose themselves are based on scientific brain research, leading to the development of lifelong learners. This kind of education at DAKK that is patterned on the individual needs of each child has been termed 'KIDUCATION' - an education which is flexible and which has been tailored for each child. Our Director says, "We believe that learning is an everyday process and should suit the needs of the child. And when learning becomes fun, it helps in the rapid mental growth of the child.

Find out Dr. Aparna's way. Overall at Kids Kingdom, everything the child does, learns or experiences, there is a lot of planning behind it based on educational theories and experiences. Our aim at Dr. Aparna Kids Kingdom- To give back…….



School Policy

  • Homework is a constructive tool in the teaching/learning process, geared to the needs and abilities of students, for the reinforcement of matter learned in school.
  • It is also intended to help students develop independent study habits.
  • Children are expected to spend minimum 90 minutes doing their homework.
  • The school will try to assign interesting homework based on matters that have been covered.
  • Students should try and do their homework entirely on their own, without the help of their family members and crammers.
  • They should maintain the school diary regularly and keep their parents informed regarding homework assignments and show them the finished work.